Homeschool Socialization

One of the biggest debates homeschool parents face is “how will your children learn how to socialize?” While seasoned homeschooling parents probably dismiss this argument it can be a challenge for some parents just starting out on the homeschooling journey.

Socialization does not just happen in schools. Parents of homeschool students need to make a point of getting children involved in school groups, play groups, community sports such as Little […] Continue Reading…

Getting Started Homeschooling

It’s the beginning of yet another school year.   Many parents are reconsidering their education options for their children.  Some parents just get a feeling that a change may be in the best interest of the student or the family as a whole.  Some students struggled through the last year in school and possibly even summer school.  Some parents can no longer afford the private school that their child has […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool Supplies

While some homeschool parents may think that “back to school” time is only for public or private school students, it is very much a reality for home school students.  Homeschool students need new school supplies as well as some other things to help make the year well organized. 

Here is a list that we have compiled of useful things.  Not all are necessary but any homeschool parent will tell you […] Continue Reading…

Online Homeschool Resources

Here you will find a few of the best the web has to offer for homeschool information. We list the best homeschool web resources available for parents to do research and find the curriculum, resources, ideas, and supplies.

Aim High Tutors – – Private tutoring in the comfort and convenience of your own home:  We tutor all subject

K-12 in South Orange County, CA

Better Endings – – Wonderfully informative […] Continue Reading…

Homeschooling Teens

With the growing popularity in homeschool and the cooperation between schools and parents there are many options available for teens.  A decade ago a homeschooled teen had to miss out on school dances, band, sports, driver’s education and more.  This is no longer the case. 

The options are endless depending on your local school district. 

Most schools, especially junior and high schools will support dual enrollment.  The means that a child […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool vs. Public School

The number one debate on the table by educators and parents is that homeschool prevents “socialization” of children. 

Homeschool parents will argue that by homeschooling they prevent most of the negative social problems of school.  Many argue that school is not like real life.  In the real world you do get to choose who you associate with for the most part.  You are not shoved into a room of your […] Continue Reading…

Christian Homeschooling

Statistically it is proven that many homeschool families choose this form of education based on their religious beliefs and most of those are Christians.  There are many pros to this but also some cons that we will cover here.


Parents can instill their value systems and religious beliefs while covering all topics.  For example while teaching about creation a parent can cover all scientific theories but also teach a child […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool Curriculum Online

E-Tutor – Online High School from this accredited high school for as low as $99 per month.

Global Student Network – The courses and academic support are all online.  These are available 24 hours a day.  The cost is $625 per student per year.  They do offer a multi student family discount.  This is for grades 2-12.

Jubilee Academy – This online curriculum is for preschool through high school.  It is […] Continue Reading…

Kindergarten Homeschool FAQ

Is kindergarten  required?

Some states require kindergarten attendance and some do not.  We suggest you call your local school district office and ask. 

What curriculums are best?

There are so many outstanding curriculums to choose from.  What we have listed is just a few.

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills (Kindergarten) by School Specialty Publishing
A Beka (Christian based homeschool curriculum)
Sonlight (Christian based homeschool curriculum)
Calvert Schools Kindergarten curriculum for homeschoolers

What are the key things my […] Continue Reading…

Preschool Homeschool

A great way to get a head start on a child’s education is through preschool.  Whether you do this at home or send your little one to a licensed preschool, the child is sure to benefit immensely.

What is the right age to begin preschooling?

Some people would have you believe that you can start “formal” education at age 2.  While this is possible, perhaps people do not realize that at […] Continue Reading…