Homeschooling Teens

With the growing popularity in homeschool and the cooperation between schools and parents there are many options available for teens.  A decade ago a homeschooled teen had to miss out on school dances, band, sports, driver’s education and more.  This is no longer the case. 

The options are endless depending on your local school district. 

Most schools, especially junior and high schools will support dual enrollment.  The means that a child can be doing homeschool and still go to the school for subject that the parent decides.  This can be math, wood working, computer technology or any number of things.  If the child is enrolled they are entitled to most if not all of the extracurricular activities that the school offers.

If you are in a school district that resists the idea of dual enrollment you can go straight to the superintendent or the state board of education and propose a solution by pointing out the many benefits.  One obstacle to beware of is that too many educators and parents are at odds with each other instead of working as a team for the better of each child.  Be sure to keep this point in mind while pitching your ideas.

Another key element for all children but especially teens is to get them involved in community activities such as sports, music, volunteering.  This allows the child to grow in their sense of community and have ownership of their surroundings and happenings.  Most communities offer many opportunities for children of all ages.

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