Homeschool vs. Public School

The number one debate on the table by educators and parents is that homeschool prevents “socialization” of children. 

Homeschool parents will argue that by homeschooling they prevent most of the negative social problems of school.  Many argue that school is not like real life.  In the real world you do get to choose who you associate with for the most part.  You are not shoved into a room of your same age peers for 12 years or more.

Other parents and educators believe that the group interaction in schools is key for a child’s development.  It’s about working together in partnerships.  Children in public schools for example may have more opportunity to work in groups as leaders or as followers.  These are key factors for a well balanced adult life.  Some also argue that children need to learn from other leaders other than their own parents. 

There are very few other debates about homeschooling.  Most educators are against it because the few students that do go from homeschooling to public schools are behind or are not behaviorally appropriate.  This is unfortunate as a few children cannot possibly speak for the masses.

As homeschool grows in popularity and more parents choose this option, more people are becoming educated on the matter.  One thing is certain; very few people are indifferent in their opinions.  They are either very pro homeschool or very much against it. Read more on homeschool vs. public school.

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