Bob Jones Homeschool Review

Introduction to Bob Jones Homeschool Materials

Bob Jones University Press, closely affiliated with Bob Jones University, provides a variety of supports for homeschoolers. It has an “academy of home education,” as well as  distance learning opportunities and textbooks.  The approval for the BJU Press Academy of Home Schooling comes from the South Carolina Department of Education, which recognizes it as an approved homeschool association. This means that students who complete the program—if your state approves it—can receive a high school diploma and transcript.

The intention of BJU Press  is to provide Christian homeschool alternatives for subjects in all areas. Their materials are clearly stated to be evangelistic as well as educational. They state that they hope those who use their materials will—through their use—become more Christlike, increase their service to God, and represent Christ to others. As their homeschool approach is rooted in evangelical Protestantism, it is likely that those who share this faith will be most likely to find their materials fit well into their homeschool. They do, however, have another product line for what they refer to as “conventional schools,” and those who do not share the evangelical faith espoused in the homeschool materials, might consider this other product group.

Bob Jones Homeschool Materials Subjects

Bob Jones Press provides materials in core classroom subjects including English (Writing and Grammar), Literature, Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, Handwriting, and Vocabulary, while treating courses commonly called History or Social Studies as “Heritage Studies. They offer three languages: French, Spanish, and Latin, and other typical electives, including Health, Family Life Skills, Speech and Drama, Art, and Music and Drama. That they offer homeschool Bible study pretty much goes without saying. Instructional delivery includes print materials, video, and products for test administration and record keeping.

Bob Jones Distance Learning can be purchased in three different ways. In one scenario, one receives a specially formatted hard drive containing an entire grade’s materials, making it available anywhere you have your computer. An online option that requires that your computer be connected to the Internet to access videos and assessments is the second option. The third option involves DVD’s containing the distance learning materials, which can be used on a computer that reads DVDs or via a DVD player attached to a television screen.

Cost of Bob Jones Homeschool Materials

Here is an overview of the Bob Jones Distance Learning options:

• Online option provides student and parent access to all registered classes for one term, along with textbooks and handouts. Printed teacher’s editions cost an additional $100; abbreviated pdfs are free and posted online. Grades 1–12 are $899 each.

• DVD option entitles you to lease the DVDs for 13 months, as well as receive textbooks and teacher handouts. Grades 1–12 are $999 each.

• Hard drive option is also a 13 month lease, and includes textbooks and handouts. Grades 1–8 are $899 each; no information is given for grades 9–12.

Before you order any materials that require a computer for access, check with the company to make sure that the materials are compatible with your computer and—if applicable—level of Internet access.

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