Christian Homeschooling

Statistically it is proven that many homeschool families choose this form of education based on their religious beliefs and most of those are Christians.  There are many pros to this but also some cons that we will cover here.


Parents can instill their value systems and religious beliefs while covering all topics.  For example while teaching about creation a parent can cover all scientific theories but also teach a child their personal belief of what the Bible says about creation.

Homeschooling gives parents more content control than they may get by enrolling their children in a Christian school.

Most religious families are strong on family values and the time spent with family.  Homeschooling provides a sense of togetherness and bonding within the family.  Parents typically have many more hours with their children.


Some parents may want to leave religious preferences up to their child to decide as they grow.  If you buy a Christian curriculum it would be very hard for a child to not have the Christian beliefs instilled into their minds and hearts.

Religion is very much about interpretation.  Therefore, most parents will find that curriculum needs to be carefully monitored to prevent a child from learning something contrary to the family’s religious order.

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