K12 Homeschool Review

This K12 Homeschool Review includes information on the K12 homeschool curriculum and programs available for K12 and online public schools as well as K12 and online private schools.  Find out if the K12 homeschool curriculum is right for you by reading this K12 homeschool review.

What Is K12?

K12 is a company that specializes on Kindergarten through grade 12 learning that takes place online. They offer four different types of programs. Two of them provide individual courses that can be used to augment another homeschool curriculum. These are:

• individual courses in World Languages. Languages offered are, Spanish for grades K–12; French for grades K–12, German for grades K–12, Latin for grades K–12, Chinese for grades 6–12, and AP Spanish and French for grades 9–12.

• individual courses in other areas that can be used as supplements for electives or AP credit, or for retaking a course in which the student did not do well the first time around. Some are offered in a “Summer Course” format, with learning designed to be completed in a 4- or 8-week session. Courses are divided into K–8 and high school level, and topics include core courses in English, Mathematics, History & Social Sciences, Science, and Language. Elective courses focus on topics such as Health, Physical Education, Music, Fine Art, Economics, Journalism, Personal Finance, and computer science courses, including Web Design, Flash Animation, Game Design, and Audio Engineering. Because the field of technology changes so quickly, if you are interested in technology courses, check to make sure the course is up-to-date with the latest changes.

The other two are complete online programs through public schools, on the one hand, or private schools, on the other.

K12 and Online Public Schools

In a number of states, public schools have partnered with K12 to provide online homeschooling for public schools. Because they are part of the public school system, they are free, but students generally, if not always, have to meet residency requirements. Online public schooling serves “traditional” home school students, but also students who are challenged by the school environment, who need—one the one hand—more, and—on the other hand—less instruction and assistance in learning that is offered in school, who are bored in school, who are homebound or undergoing medical treatment, have a family situation that requires frequent relocation, or are pursuing an extracurricular subject at a very high degree, for example, instrumental music or a sport.

K12 and Online Private Schools

K12 is accredited by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS-CASI), and recognized as a diploma-granting institution by the Commonwealth of Virginia, where they are located. They refer to this offering as the K12 International Academy or the iCademy. This option can work for all of the situations described for public school students, as well as for military families, and those who are overseas. K12 iCademy is currently used across the US and in 36 other countries internationally. Pricing includes volume discounts, sibling discounts, and pre-pay discounts.

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