Bob Jones Homeschool Review

Introduction to Bob Jones Homeschool Materials

Bob Jones University Press, closely affiliated with Bob Jones University, provides a variety of supports for homeschoolers. It has an “academy of home education,” as well as  distance learning opportunities and textbooks.  The approval for the BJU Press Academy of Home Schooling comes from the South Carolina Department of Education, which recognizes it as an approved homeschool association. This means that students who complete […] Continue Reading…

K12 Homeschool Review

This K12 Homeschool Review includes information on the K12 homeschool curriculum and programs available for K12 and online public schools as well as K12 and online private schools.  Find out if the K12 homeschool curriculum is right for you by reading this K12 homeschool review.

What Is K12?

K12 is a company that specializes on Kindergarten through grade 12 learning that takes place online. They offer four different types of programs. Two […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool Kindergarten

Homeschool kindergarten has it’s pros and cons.  In this article we define kindergarten and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homeschool kindergarten. Also learn about the homeschool socialization aspect of homeschool kindergarten.

What Is Kindergarten?

Prior to the days of widespread preschool and daycare, kindergarten was the transition year in which children were prepared—both academically and socially—for entry into first grade. Children learned not only the basics they would need for […] Continue Reading…

Abeka Homeschool Review

This Abeka Homeschool Review covers the A beka homeschool grades and accreditation, Abeka homeschool subjects and components, the Abeka homeschool materials, and A Beka homeschool costs. Find out if the Abeka homeschool curriculum is right for your homeschool here.

ABeka Homeschool Grades and Accreditation

ABeka Academy homeschool curriculum is offered for homeschool students in kindergarten through grade 12, and the program is accredited by both the Florida Association of Christian Colleges […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool High School Recognition

Homeschool high school recognition can refer to recognizing your child’s completion of a high school education. But, homeschool high school recognition can also refer how society or college are willing to accept a homeschool high school diploma or certificate as proof of completing a high school education.

What Is Homeschool High School Recognition?

There are several different meanings to the phrase homeschool high school recognition. One meaning is the recognition of […] Continue Reading…

Calvert Homeschool Review

This Calvert Homeschool Review covers the Calvert Homeschool grading,  accreditation, homeschool subjects, components, homeschool materials, and the cost of using Calvert Homeschool. This Calvert Homeschool review also includes comments from user reviews.

Calvert Homeschool Grades and Accreditation

Calvert Educational Services homeschool curriculum is offered for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8, and the program is accredited by both the Commission on Elementary Schools and the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation (CITA) […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool Statistics

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) Institute of Education Sciences (IES) provides homeschool statistics on homeschooled students, as well as other educational matters.

How Many Students Are Homeschooled in the United States?

According to NCES homeschool statistics, there were about 1.5 million homeschooled students in 2007, the most recent year for which data is provided, which represents  2.9% of all students. In 2003, there […] Continue Reading…

Homeschool Pros and Cons

Homechooling is often a topic of issue and debate.  The homeschool pros and cons may partially be in the eye of the beholder.  There are definite advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and pros and cons to homeschool.  Read on for more homeschool pros and cons. 

Homeschooling is not all positive or all negative, but a combination of both elements that may work wonderfully well for your family and others that may prove […] Continue Reading…

Online Homeschooling

Online Homeschooling can refer to two different types of homeschooling, both having reference to using the Internet with homeschooling.  This article covers information on online homeschooling through streaming video, software applications, interactive classes, or a combination of these.

Types of Online Homeschooling

One of the most important distinctions in the types of online homeschooling that are available is whether it is synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous interactions take place at the same […] Continue Reading…

Future of Homeschooling

There was a recent “Letter From the Editor” article in the September 2009 issue of Fast Company magazine.  The author, Robert Safian, makes the point that the future of the college campus may be changing if we could get progressive thinkers and people willing to break out of the traditional college campus way of thinking.  This brings to mind many changes that we have seen in recent history regarding […] Continue Reading…