Calvert Homeschool Review

This Calvert Homeschool Review covers the Calvert Homeschool grading,  accreditation, homeschool subjects, components, homeschool materials, and the cost of using Calvert Homeschool. This Calvert Homeschool review also includes comments from user reviews.

Calvert Homeschool Grades and Accreditation

Calvert Educational Services homeschool curriculum is offered for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8, and the program is accredited by both the Commission on Elementary Schools and the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation (CITA) of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as approved by the Maryland Department of Education. The curriculum was developed in Calvert’s day school in Baltimore.

Calvert Homeschool Subjects and Components

The    Calvert homeschool curriculum includes the subjects of arithmetic, reading and writing, history and geography, science, and music and the arts. Enrichment courses are offered at 8th grade. These include Vocabulary for Life, Discoveries in Reading, Discoveries in Science, Discoveries in Art, Ancient Greece, King Arthur, Civics in America, Algebra, Intermediate Math Manipulatives, and the languages French, Latin, and Spanish.

The program is available in two versions. The scholastic option is designed for students who need support and structure. The academic version is for well-prepared students who are capable of more advanced work and more complex assignments.

In addition, the program is offered with three different support options/delivery systems.

• In Calvert Classic, the materials include a lesson manual, workbooks, answers keys, supplies, and access to the Calvert website, where one can access online tutorials.

• In Calvert Class with ATS (Advisory Teaching Service), everything offered in Calvert Classic is augmented by a Calvert Advisory Teacher who shares in reviewing student work and additional resources online, including homeschool recordkeeping and online tests.

• The Calvert Virtual Academy option (for upper grades only)  includes not only ATS, but also live virtual classes in which students interact.

• The Calvert Verticy Learning approach is meant for students in elementary and middle school who are reading below grade level and is customizable by the homeschoolers.

Calvert Homeschool Materials

It is important for potential buyers to know that not all Calvert materials are produced by Calvert. For example, in 8th grade, the homeschool history, electricity and magnetism, cells and heredity, Earth’s changing surface, and astronomy books are by Prentice Hall, the English language book is by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, the atlas is published by Nystrom, At the second grade level, the science book is by Macmillan, the book on maps, globes, and graphs by Steck-Vaughan, and the phonics and reading books are by Houghton Mifflin, though this is difficult to determine without a magnifying glass—that is, Calvert is not being upfront in identifying the program components.

Calvert Homeschool Costs

• At second grade, the enrollment fee is $57. The charge for Calvert Classic is $829 and for Calvert Classic with ATS is $1169.

• At eighth grade, all three options are available. Enrollment is, again, $57. The charge for Calvert Classic is $1009 and for Calvert Classic with ATS is $1449. Calvert Virtual Academy is $2784.

User Comments on the Calvert Homeschool Program

Because of the stringent return policy, it’s important to make sure you want the program before you order. Be sure to read reviews by other homeschoolers who have used the program. Ongoing criticisms include comments that the program is not unified, that it is too difficult and has insufficient explanation, and that some grade levels are better than others.
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