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Homeschool Kindergarten

Homeschool kindergarten has it’s pros and cons.  In this article we define kindergarten and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homeschool kindergarten. Also learn about the homeschool socialization aspect of homeschool kindergarten. What Is Kindergarten? Prior to the days of widespread preschool and daycare, kindergarten was the transition year in which children were prepared—both academically […]

Kindergarten Homeschool FAQ

Is kindergarten  required? Some states require kindergarten attendance and some do not.  We suggest you call your local school district office and ask.  What curriculums are best? There are so many outstanding curriculums to choose from.  What we have listed is just a few. K12 Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills (Kindergarten) by School Specialty Publishing […]

Preschool Homeschool

A great way to get a head start on a child’s education is through preschool.  Whether you do this at home or send your little one to a licensed preschool, the child is sure to benefit immensely. What is the right age to begin preschooling? Some people would have you believe that you can start […]