Kindergarten Homeschool FAQ

Is kindergarten  required?

Some states require kindergarten attendance and some do not.  We suggest you call your local school district office and ask. 

What curriculums are best?

There are so many outstanding curriculums to choose from.  What we have listed is just a few.

  • K12
  • Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills (Kindergarten) by School Specialty Publishing
  • A Beka (Christian based homeschool curriculum)
  • Sonlight (Christian based homeschool curriculum)
  • Calvert Schools Kindergarten curriculum for homeschoolers

What are the key things my kindergartener needs to be learning?

Basically you want your kindergartener to be able to do well in first grade.    The book “What Your Kindergartener Should Know” by Core Knowledge is a very helpful resource for all parents.  The following is a list of basics:

  • Letter recognition
  • Letter sound recognition
  • Beginning sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Sequencing
  • Patterns
  • Motor skills such as writing, cutting, gluing, pasting.
  • Following instructions
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