Homeschool Curriculum Online

E-Tutor – Online High School from this accredited high school for as low as $99 per month.

Global Student Network – The courses and academic support are all online.  These are available 24 hours a day.  The cost is $625 per student per year.  They do offer a multi student family discount.  This is for grades 2-12.

Jubilee Academy – This online curriculum is for preschool through high school.  It is Christian based.  The cost is $899 per student per year.  They offer a no interest payment plan and a discount of 5% for paying in full.

K-12 – While K-12 can be ordered online, the curriculum is shipped.  Attendance and lessons are marked in the online school and some of the lessons are supplemented online.  Most of this curriculum is text based.  Cost is over $1000 per year if you cannot get it from your local school district.

Key Stone High School – This accredited education can cost up to $2200 per year.  You do have teacher support which is a must have for most curriculum.

Laurel Springs – This program is available online for grades 5-12.  You can purchase curriculum for lower grades.  A full year of curriculum can cost over $2100.

Oak Meadow – This is a curriculum publisher but they do have online programs.  The typical cost is $1400 per 10 month school year.

Time 4 Learning – This is an online curriculum for elementary grades.  They do have a “try for free” program if you are skeptical.  After the trial it is $19.95 per month.

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