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While some homeschool parents may think that “back to school” time is only for public or private school students, it is very much a reality for home school students.  Homeschool students need new school supplies as well as some other things to help make the year well organized. 

Here is a list that we have compiled of useful things.  Not all are necessary but any homeschool parent will tell you that being organized is key and having what you need lessens the frequency of interruptions in learning. Here are some of the most needed homeschool supplies:

•Pencils – the kind that you don’t have to sharpen are ideal.
•Manuscript paper – for younger children to practice handwriting
•Reading Lists – for each grade, a list of required reading and supplemental reading.  This makes it easy to go to the library and just get what you need, no guesswork.
•College ruled paper – for older children.  You will need the loose leaf paper, spiral bound notebooks and some composition books most likely.  The composition books are great for journaling in any subject.  They are also used for the Writing Road to Reading program.
•Glue Sticks
•Scissors – make sure younger students have blunt scissors to use.
•Craft sticks – the ones that look like popsicle sticks and tongue depressors.
•Pipe cleaners of various colors.
•Construction paper.
•Plenty of computer paper.
•Science supplies – depending on your subject you may need beakers, measuring instruments, scales, magnets, electrical supplies, dirt, rocks.  Go through your curriculum and see what projects you will be doing, having the supplies handy makes things go smoothly.
•Rubber cement.
•Organizing caddies.
•Misc. office supplies like staplers, paper clips, bulldog clips, brads, rubber bands. 
•Backpacks are great for children.  Even though students may do school at home a backpack or two can be a lifesaver.  This is a great place to keep supplies handy and contained.  They can be kept on the backs of most chairs for easy access. Backpacks are also handy for keeping things like music books together for music lessons.  Or dance clothing and shoes for dance or gymnastics classes. 

Even small children benefit from having a backpack ready.  Whether during school time or out in public or in the car a backpack can be filled with coloring books, crayons, reading books, play dough, or any number of items to keep a preschooler or toddler entertained.  The best part is that the child can carry it themselves and they feel like a “big” kid.

Go now and stock up on your homeschooling supplies while the retailers are having fantastic sales.  You will be glad that you did.

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