Homeschool Methods

Box Curriculums:  Many private and some public schools offer a “box curriculum”.  You simply order the components that you want your child to have and it comes to your door.  Most of these types of curriculum have very high standards and all that we have researched will no doubt meet your state requirements for education if you are concerned about that.

Make your own curriculum:  If you have time and energy it can be very fun to make up your own curriculum using the internet and the local library.  This can be ideal for families with gifted children or special needs children because you can have the child work at their own pace and not be concerned about strict lesson plans.  On the down side, if you are looking to formally educate your child in the home this method can be very time consuming.

Unschooling:  Many homeschool parents subscribe to a method of family life where there are no texts or workbooks.  Children in “unschooling” homes often learn hands on about life and the real world without the “restrictions” of typical schooling.  This method allows children to really be children for as long as they need to be.  It encourages creativity and exploration of the world we live in.  On the other hand, if something were to happen to one or both of the parents or caretakers and the children had to abruptly be put in public school it could be very difficult on the students as well as the teacher involved.

Charlotte Mason:  What homeschool families consider as the Charlotte Mason Method comes from Charlotte Mason herself in the early 1900’s.  This method believes in “living books” that are narrative, not dry facts.  It also uses habit training, short lessons, dictation, handwriting, art appreciation, math, poetry, history, the Bible, grammar, geography and foreign language.  This method does not stand for books that are dumbed down or underestimate a child’s inherent intellect. 

Classical Education:  This is a complex method involving teaching children facts early on, teaching through argument and finally teaching the child to express themselves.  This method subscribes to the thought that all knowledge is interrelated.

The above are just a few of the popular homeschool methods.

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