Homeschool Statistics

The following are statistics from the U.S. Department of Education in 2003.  As more current data becomes available we will add it to this page.

The definition of “homeschooled” here is for children who spent less than 25 hours per week at a typical school.

In 2003 there were almost 1.1 million homeschooled children.  This is a 29% increase since 1999.

Reasons for homeschooling:

31% of parents were concerned about safety and environment at school.

30% of parents said they wanted to introduce morals and values at a higher level than in typical public schools.

16% of parents were dissatisfied with the academics in other schools.

Who homeschools:

On average there are more white children homeschooled than black or Hispanic.

Homeschool families typically have more than three children.

More two parent households homeschool than single parent households.

Curriculum Used:

For curriculum, homeschool families were reported as using the library, homeschool educational catalog or publisher,  educational publishers not aimed at homeschool, or retail bookstores.

41% of homeschoolers participated in some type of distance learning.

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