Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Here you will find a few curriculum reviews.  We have not listed every single curriculum available but we have tried to fit in all the major players in homeschool curriculum.  Keep in mind that there is not a one size fits all to curriculum.  This is just opinion.

A Beka Book:  As with many “box curriculum” this format is great information wise but very much like public school done in your home.  It seems more geared for classrooms than homeschool.  While the content is great, there is a lot of busy work which is typical of public school. 

Alpha Omega:  This curriculum has a reputation for being quite easy.  They do not introduce certain concepts until much later than other curriculums which can be a worry to parents.  All in all, it is probably better than nothing but not the top of the line by any means.

Bob Jones:  This very pricey curriculum is very good in its content.  It is very hands on for the teacher and you have to have a teacher’s guide to get through it.  The curriculum seems to keep children’s attention.  You need to have a lot of space to store all that will come to your home as there are many texts and tools.  This is a 100% Christian based curriculum.  If you do not want to implement Christian beliefs and values into every lesson this is not a good choice for you.

Calvert:  This is a so-so curriculum.  It covers basic concepts but can be very redundant.  Some younger students seem to get bored very quickly with the techniques and some of the science curriculum.  The good thing is that you do have access to a teacher for help and the lesson plans are very easy to follow.

K-12:  This can be expensive if you have to buy it.  In many states you can get it for free through your local school district.  This is a very high caliber curriculum and is great for many learning styles.  It is also nice that you have so much support from the school and teachers.  On the flip side you are accountable for attendance as well as marking all of your lessons complete and if you do not do this you do have people asking questions.  While this may be good to make homeschool parents accountable, it takes away the luxury and flexibility of homeschool.

Rod & Staff:  This is a very affordable and comprehensive curriculum.  Good choice!  Optional Bible reading books available.

Saxon:  No matter where we looked we couldn’t find a complaint about Saxon.  The key with this program is to go at your child’s pace. 

Don’t get bogged down in completing lessons on some schedule.

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